Hail Damage Roof Repair Richland Hills

The Roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the first defense against foreign objects. Maintaining your roof in its best condition helps keep your family safe and comfortable. Weather is one of the problems that everyone experiences every year, especially from a severe storm. Roof hail damage repair is common and the most destructive. Rugged Roofing is here for you to take care of all your needs, big and small!

A lot of residents have experienced hail and know it can be a destructive force.

Severe hail storms can destroy the shingles as well as the gutters and other elements of the roof, including the framing structure (rafters & bracing).

One of the best ways to insure you get the best when it comes to roof hail damage repair is to trust the expert in Richland Hills for all of your storm damage repair needs – Rugged Roofing.

Signs of Hail Damage

  • Dented metal components
  • Bald spots
  • Fractured shingles

 What does Hail Damage do to a Roof?

The results of hail damage can vary according to some factors: size, wind speed, and direction, materials of the roof, age of it, all those are possible factors that may lead to roof damage.

Hail damage is serious for a roof when it leads to leaks, structural damage and other issues.

Let’s look at some particular types of hail damage:

  • Granule loss

Loss of granule texture, if it is uniform across the roof is usually a result of normal weathering. But over time, the bond between the granules and asphalt worsens, and granules will be loosened and carried away by water. Long exposure to hail can also loosen granules.

  • Cracks in the shingles

Severe hail storms or high winds can cause cracks in the shingles.

It results in exposure and tears your roof. Cracked shingles are no longer waterproof and cannot adequately protect your roof from the weather.

  • Weakened self-seal strip

Strong wind and hail can reduce the seal integrity of your tiles. A

weak seal is what causes tiles to blow off and leave your roof bare to the elements. Once the tiles are damaged, this can lead to leaks and future damages.

Can Hail Damage to a roof be fixed?

The answer is YES! It depends on the gravity of damage, restoring a roof after a hail storm can be as simple as repairing one tile. There is a big difference in repair options available. We recommend the customer have their roof checked by our expert roofer after any hailstorm.

If you are unsure if a roof inspection is needed, look for signs of damage that are listed above. Shingle damage can be huge or small. It is not always easy to tell whether it’s huge or small, so, it is important to determine what kind of roof repair may be needed.

What does roof damage from hail look like?

If a storm brings hail over an inch in size, the hail damage to your roof will be obvious. When hail combined with strong and high wind speed, roof damage can be more serious. You will see signs of damage. Make sure to check your roof after a hailstorm.

What Happens When You Overlook These Repairs?

 When neglected, damage can rapidly turn to leaks or ice dams. This eventually causes molds, electrical problems, or decaying of wood-all of which cost money to fix. Have it fixed before it’s too late by our expert roofers.

Being proactive about possible problems can save you thousands of dollars and keep your home in excellent form.

Managing hail roof damage

After deciding what to do, it is essential to look for a roofing expert that you trust, and has expertise working on projects for which residents have filed insurance claims. 

File insurance claim after a hail storm

Contact your insurance company right away if you suspect your home has been damaged after a hailstorm. We suggest that you make an appointment to have your roof examined immediately after you suspect roof damage caused by hail. You want to have plenty of time to review damage estimates as well as any quotes for hail damage roof repairs. 

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