Emergency Roof Repair Richland hills

What Is An Emergency Roof Repair?

Emergency roof repair is something that several roofing builders offer. But, what is this exactly and how can you tell when it is required? Missing shingles may or may not pass as an urgency depending on the number of shingles that are missing and the area of the roof that is opened as well as the current weather.

What counts as an emergency roofing repair?

When a roofing system is jeopardized, the water will infiltrate. A quick roof repair must be done to rectify more interior and structural damage. We will emergency cover the damaged area until the weather system passes and we can assess the damage and suggest a more permanent roof repair.


During the springtime, rain & wind can cause damage to your roof. If your roof tiles blow off, causing a leak. It is imperative to take action right away to prevent water damage from spreading to the rest of your house. Rugged Roofing offers emergency roof repair in Richland Hills. We provide service to secure your roof after any major weather occurrences.

Reduce Water Damage to Your Home

The first step to take is when you see that your roof has developed an urgent leak, do your best to reduce the amount of water occurring on the inside of your home. Once you have determined where it is, you can use bins to collect the dripping water.

Determine Where the Damage Has Occurred

You may be able to locate where the leak is and tell how much damage has been done. Your safety is our #1 concern, so do not attempt to find a leak that has caused significant structural damage. Identify where the leak is and try to contain it until help comes.

Use a Tarp to the Damaged Part

You may want to stop the leak while waiting for the roofer to fix it. A tarp can be used temporarily to cover the damaged part of the roof. To secure the roof, you can set heavy boards on the tarp. Once the roofers come, they can remove the tarp and start fixing the damaged area. If you cannot tarp your roof yourself, let us know, so we can send out an emergency team to secure it for you, immediately.

How to Handle Emergency Roof Repair

Stay Calm

Staying calm is the first step after a roof emergency. Do not panic. If you do, it will be difficult to manage the steps you need to do, so let the expert roofer protect your roof for you.

Protect as Best You Can

If your house was damaged by a storm, you would want to minimize the damage inside your house. Cover the holes using waterproof materials. Contact a professional roofer to start repairing the damage or to send out an emergency team if you cannot perform this task.

Reach Your Insurance Company

After the damage occurs, contact your insurance company. Unexpected roof damage might cause a significant cost. If you need to leave your house as it is unsafe, your insurance company may offer hotels or other living areas while the roof is being fixed. The company will send an adjuster who will evaluate the damage and determine how much of the cost the claim will cover. Make sure you choose a roofing company that will provide you with references and is properly insured to prevent your property from being at risk should an accident occur.

How Our Emergency Roof Repair Service Benefits You

Stopping More Damage – Our main goal, with emergency service, is not to fix your roof permanently, but to stop further damage until the bad weather subsides. The best temporary repair is to cover up the damaged areas and reduce the exposure to the elements. When there’s a leak, we can address it, quickly, and save the unaffected areas of your home.

Get Professional Help As Soon As Possible – For some damage like storm damage, you shouldn’t wait until the morning. It has to be professionally worked on with a sense of urgency to prevent it from becoming worse. Sadly, some roofers decline to go out in the middle of the storm. Rugged Roofing would come to your rescue in no time. Our quick reaction makes the difference between minor and severe roof damage.

Documenting the Situation – To file an insurance claim, you can postpone temporary repairs and produce enough evidence to support your case. Our team can help you get reasonable payment for your covered roof. We’ll waste no time, take photographs of the damage, and present you with a fair estimate to help the claim process get started quickly.

Choose Rugged Roofing for Your Emergency Roof Repair – Do not try to fix the roof on your own. There’s too much chance of being hurt, and a homeowner may not accurately estimate the exact damage. Roofs and ceilings can be fixed easily, broken bones cannot. Document your loss and damages, in writing and with photos.

At Rugged Roofing, we work hard every day to be the roofing contractor Richland Hills and the surrounding area homeowners can turn to for all their emergency roof repairs. Let Rugged Roofing assist you to repair your roofing system after any weather occurrence. If you have a roof emergency, call us immediately. We’ll send our team to your home in Richland Hills, TX ASAP.